Mac OS X Freeware

Camino: Far Faster,better,versitile than Safari
Rocket Launcher: menu bar launcher pps/files
nMP3 Ripper: 1 button click to rip a CD
Skype: The BEST P2P VoIP phone call software
SeaMonkey - Awesome full feature Mac Browser
Audacity: Multi-Track Audio Production Editor
America's Army: Special Forces - Great Game!!
JunkBroom - junk mail filter for Entourage
MacJournal - a great writers personal journal
DVD Capture - Screen capture from DVD
JAlbum - Best image album & slides show appl.
Ticker - Stock Market ticker application
Carbon Copy Cloner - bootable OS X cloner

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Windows 98SE - XP Freeware

Skype: The BEST P2P VoIP phone call software
RipIt4Me: backup your copy protected DVD
StreamBox VCR Suite: capture media streams
Irfanvie:- a great image viewer /editor
Spybot: Our 1st Choice Ad/Spyware Killer!
Ad-aware: Finds "Spyware", dirty bast@#*%
ZoneAlarm: Personal firewall for Free
NTFSRatio: shows compression rate of folders
SpamAware: SpamAssassin Plug-in for OE
JAlbum: Best image album & slides show appl.
WinDriversBackup: detects them all
GIMP: GNU image manipulation program
ALZip: Does 36 archive & compression formats
Audacity: Multi-Track Audio Production Editor
Plato DVD to PSP Converter: That says it all
PC Wizard: Utility for detection of PC hardware
Belarc Advisor: PC hardware & software profile

Software is getting more and more expensive all the time, but thanks to some great independent software writers, free still does exist. Trying to search everywhere for that useful application and hoping that it will work without corrupting your computer is time consumming and dangerous. So Tech-edge e-zine does the testing for you, our readers. Welcome to our Tested and Recommended Freeware page.
If you're a coder with a free application, please contact us, for submissions testing.

Mac OS 9 "Classic" Freeware
SpeedRun 1.1.3 Benchmark - OS 9 version NightVision Classic 1.0.4 - Astronomers friend
mAC3dec- Converts formats to AIIF, MP3, AAC MacPython- object-oriented programming
Prompt! 4.0 -Cool teleprompter application MacStumbler - scan for 802.11b/g AP's
PhotoPage - 1.5 - HTML image portfolio maker  

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