Album is new, and it's right for you.
by Keith Benicek, Managing Editor
March 10th, 2003

We eagerly waited for this day; the anticipated arrival of a new software package from Adobe that would complete its family of Photoshop applications and this one, Photoshop Album, was aimed squarely at the everyday consumer.

Digital media recording devices like camera and DV Camcorders have captured (excuse the pun) the imagination and the wallets of the tech savvy world. Everywhere you look, more and more people are using digital cameras and fewer cling to film or analog tape camcorders.

I grew up on film cameras, coveting the early Rollei TLR’s, Canon FTb and a Nikon F1 SLR, when I had the money. So my professional photographer friends were a gast when I bought my first digital camera, an Apple Quicktake 100 in 1994. Even here at our publication, we exclusively use digital cameras to photograph hardware for the reviews and how-to articles.

Just as Apple kicked off the digital camera revolution, their iPhoto software for only Mac users, has spurred a flurry of knock-off’s for both Mac and Windows platforms. Most of the Windows iPhoto “clones” have been pretty terrible and some have been pretty decent.

But what Windows platform users wanted was an easy to learn yet sophisticated image archival, editor and publisher application. Will Adobe’s new Photoshop Album fill the bill? Read on and find out.




If you’ve used the wonderfully powerful Photoshop you know that its user interface isn’t for the faint of heart newbie, that’s why Adobe developed the Photoshop LE series that has now become Photoshop Elements. It's an easier to learn program for the more casual user and one that is a great stepping-stone to full Photoshop use, and Adobe Photoshop Album carries on that lineage.

Adobe Photoshop Album is designed for the digital camera user that has no use for anything but dealing with managing and sharing their special recordings of their world. It is very sophisticated at what it can do and it’s not going to be difficult to learn how to use its every feature. But, it is not simple to use for a semi-literate computer or digital camera user, if that’s what you’re looking
" Photoshop Album is just what its name indicates. It is the ultimate digital compilative album . . . . "
Photoshop Album is just what its name indicates. It is the ultimate digital compilative album storehouse of all your digital image media and it makes organizing, altering and publishing fun, once you learn how.

The key elements of Photoshop Album are Image acquisition, Automated Organization, Image Fix (repairing your less that professional picture taking technique), Show and Share selected pictures and some very cleaver Creative templates for the budding multimedia producer with suspect talent.

Filling your Album
Bringing your images into Photoshop Album is as simple as a single button push. Whether your downloading directly from your camera, a CD ROM, scanner or archiving images already on your hard disk drive; it couldn’t be simpler.

Photoshop Album will automatically organize your archive by date, but you can quickly reorganize in any number of ways including creating keyword “Tags” for image groups. We found the Tags function to be particularly useful, once you figure it out. Yes you can easily group your European Vacation pics separately from your last three visits to Wally World,


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