A Series on Technologies that make Networking the two platforms easier.
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October 20, 2002

The face of computer use has been changing rapidly in the last two years. The Personal Computer, or PC (a term coined by Steve Jobs for the Apple II in 1977), has seen it market dramatically affected by the tightening of the economy. All levels of computers, networking hardware and software sales have plummeted across the board in businesses, schools and at home.

While computers running Windows operating systems have seen the greatest downturn in sales, Apple’s strong comeback through some leading edge innovations has had less sales fall off. Hence, Macs have seen some gains on “Wintel” computers market share and a lot of it has been in businesses and schools again.

Perhaps it’s doubtful that you’re going to see Macs replace most Windows PC’s in bookkeeping, sales, clerical, inventory and many engineering applications, Macs have made a big move back into marketing, communications, science and of course they’ve owned publishing, design, graphics, video and music productions. Schools from Primary through Universities will still see a seesaw battle between the two platforms for some time to come.

Just as in business and schools, home use of both Windows and Mac platforms within a single household has become the norm; with the children, mom and dad having preferences based upon their needs, prior educational experience and profession. We’ve seen many homes with a couple

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Macs and a couple Windows PC’s and you’d be surprised at who uses which and the number of people that use both!

So, what’s the point we’re trying to get at? Whether you’re a Mac fan or you take your morning prayers facing towards Windows Mecca in Redmond Washington, like it or not you need to find a way for both of these platforms to live together happily and share resources. What’s that you say, can’t be done? Oh yes it can and it has been done for quite some time and rather easily.

In this series of installments to the article, we are going to look at various hardware technologies and software applications that can help Business and School IT Mangers, SoHo owners and Home users network your PC’s, Macs and Windows based, to share resources and talk to each other. We will also review and test some ancillary products like printers, print servers, and wireless technologies that can be used for both platforms.

Series Article Installments:

Bluetooth, ready for the big leagues?
Software solutions for cross-platform LANs
WLAN for Med. Bus., SMB and Schools
WiFi for cross-platform SoHo and Homes?
Network hardware for cross-platforming

As we add each installment, please come back, pick your subject, and learn something new.

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