FujiFilm FinePix 2800 -
Written by Keith Benicek

September 5, 2002

This review of the FujiFilm FinePix 2800 Zoom started from a rather unique and different angle. Typically, the company producing a product, asking the magazine to write a review to stimulate some sales, initiates a magazine review. Other times, it's the magazine that wants to review the product as part of its format so as to draw in readers and advertising dollars. Tech-edge ezine is no different; we've participated in both.

My review of this camera came as a result of a consumer search for a great middle priced camera for a good friend of mine. I window shopped a lot of electronic stores, manhandled a lot of cameras and I found that there are lot of good, great and stinker digitals out there. So please don't be surprised if I don't cover "the usual" aspects of a product review, but rather what just turned me on about this little techno wonder.

It started out, as I said, when a friend asked me to recommend a good digital camera for her to use for family events, local adventures, plain fun and vacations. She'd only had experience with SLR or Point and Shoot 35 MM cameras and compact Camcorders. I've seen some of her pictures and Elaine's first to admit that she frames a picture like the French used the Guillotine. Lot's of bodies without heads. So I suggested she consider a Digital Camera rather than another film camera. I think her last film camera went to feeding the fish or something like that.

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What better way to work around all those wasted miss framed and headless shots, just retake them after seeing the first results. Hey it's why the photography gods created digital cameras isn't it? Now I'm sure that a lot of you either fit my friends M.O., or you know someone who does. Perhaps your wife, husband, parents or your friend, so listen up and we'll solve their entire picture taking woes.
The FujiFilm FinePix 2800 is a delightful simple to use, yet very sophisticated digital camera. . .
Lets break this down to issues we want to solve first. First, KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid. Second, eliminate those pesky picture-framing problems that "optical viewfinder" digital cameras create where the lens is NOT pointed at what the eyepiece is looking at. Third, hey I know we're all on a budget these days!

The FujiFilm FinePix 2800 is a delightful simple to use, yet very sophisticated digital camera. FinePix 2800's main feature that will make any photographer drool and that is its powerful 6x optical zoom lens. It is equivalent to a 38mm-to-228mm lens on a 35mm SLR camera. There is no image stabilization, so you will need a tripod, or a very steady hand, for shots taken at full telephoto. Overall, the images are amazingly sharp throughout the entire zoom range.

The 2.11 Megapixel CCD imager, in concert with Fuji's Advanced Color Technology, produces photo-quality 4x6, 5x7 and 8x10-inch prints. The camera's exposure and focusing systems are fully automatic. For those of you that like to have more control, the Manual mode allows overriding the metering system and using a specific white balance setting. It has multi-mode flash (Auto, Red-Eye Reduction, Slow-Synchro, Forced, Off) 64-Zone TTL metering, Program AE (Exposure comp. in Manual mode) Automatic White Balance plus 6 presets in Manual. The camera is ISO 100 equivalent sensitivity.


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