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D-Link announced that it is the first company to ship a multimode 802.11
A/B/G wireless router, the DI-864.
March 6th, 2003

Irvine, CA - D-Link today announced that it is the world's first company to ship a router, PC card and cardbus adapters as part of its solution of multimode wireless 802.11a/802.11b/draft compliant 802.11g networking products. D-Link also announced it will ship its multimode A/B/G access point before month's end.

D-Link's new A/B/G product line supports each IEEE wireless networking standard including 802.11a, 802.11b and the draft compliant 802.11g specification.

"D-Link is the first to provide a multimode A/B/G router to drive the network to the Internet," said Steven Joe, President of D-Link. "Now, with
the release of our new multimode A/B/G line, D-Link delivers an all-in-one choice for wireless networking."

D-Link's A/B/G solution provides up to 54Mbps bandwidth in both .11a and .11g modes while remaining completely backwards compatible with 802.11b standard wireless networks and adapters. The product line presents a menu
of choices for various networking environments. Enterprises requiring high bandwidth (up to 54Mbps) for multiple users in a secure environment may choose to primarily select the 802.11a mode with its 8 non-overlapping
channels and access control list. Users requiring high bandwidth (up to 54Mbps) where longer range is required can employ the draft compliant 802.11g mode that provides the extended range of the 2.4GHz frequency. For
those users who already own 802.11b wireless adapters, the multimode products are completely compatible with the IEEE 802.11b standard. As users travel between the enterprise, home and hotspot environments, the
D-Link A/B/G solution roams seamlessly among the various standards.





D-Link DI-864 Wireless Router w/4-Port Switch
The D-Link DI-864 is a 2.4GHz/5GHz wireless Broadband router with robust firewall security features and four (4) 10/100Mbps auto-sensing
ports. It enables users to securely share files, Internet access and peripherals with multiple users and can be easily setup and managed through a simple setup wizard and a convenient web-based interface. The D-Link DI-864 includes an embedded DHCP server that once enabled will automatically assign IP addresses to wireless clients, allowing other computers to access the local network and Internet seamlessly. The DI-864 has dual high-performance omni-directional detachable antennae as well as power and link status/activity LEDs for at a glance diagnostics.

The DI-864 delivers sophisticated firewall protection, easily configured through the advanced features section of the product's web-based interface. The router features a high performance CPU to support advanced
management features such as MAC address authentication, Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) and Content Filtering. Advanced logging and filtering features provide information about

intruders to the administrator so that the appropriate actions can be taken. Additionally, the DI-864 employs the basic parental control features of URL blocking, Domain blocking and IP address filtering. URL blocking allows parents to block web sites with domain names that contain specific words. Domain blocking allows parents to block specific web sites and related sub sites. IP address filtering allows parents to block any specific IP addresses, even if the URLs change.

D-Link can be reached at: D-Link U.S.A., Canadian, and Latin American headquarters are located at 53 Discovery, Irvine, CA, 92618. Phone (800) 326-1688 or (949) 788-0805; FAX
(949) 753-7033; Internet

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