Made for the "enterprise" SMB market, it's BTO just for you.
Tech Lab Staff Review, written by Chuck Brown
November 7, 2002

Announced on October 5th, the Evo N1015v represents a rather bold move by Compaq into the SMB (Small/Medium Business) market, with an unheard of price for this segment. At $899 (US) for the base model, the Evo 1015v puts a first class notebook in the hands of any businessman, and the competition is nowhere to be found. How does Compaq do it? This notebook is “BTO” (built to order) and only available online from Compaq.

While there are cheap “off brands” from various neighborhood computer chain stores, online dealers, or discounted “last years models” from the big boys (usually requiring rebates), no one came close to the N1015v in price or features on our internet search of October 30th, 2002.

We will be following up this quick First Look at the Evo N1015v with a full test run including our sledgehammer style UL™ level abuse endurance and users review, so please check back very soon. In the mean time, here are our first impressions and some product specs.

The first thing we’d like to say is that we really like the looks of the Evo, which borrows it basic “packaging” from its more expensive Presario family. Comparing it to the hot Presario 1510US (which costs over twice the price) that is in our “Life with only a Notebook, PC or Mac?” article series, the Evo N1015v only show some

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relatively mild price saving cosmetic changes. Still, there are the incredible sounding JBL Pro speakers and the capability to add the optional “built-on” MultiPort 802.11b WiFi module.

Available in numerous BTO versions, the display choices are 15-inch, 14.1-inch and 13.3-inch XGA TFT’s. Armed with a Mobile AMD® Athlon XP Processor, your selection ranges from 1400+ (1.2GHz) to an 1800+ (1.6GHz). The display is pushed by the ATI Radeon IGP video graphics chip set with 16-MB DDR shared video memory.
ěThis notebook, meant for the SMB and Enterprise market, is definitely worth a very close look.... î
Here’s Compaq’s product feature pitch:

  • Affordable notebook without compromising on performance or features
  • Fast AMD mobile processors with PowerNow technology at a great price.
  • Innovative MultiPort wireless design for any time anywhere network and Internet access
  • ATI Radeon with 4X AGP for the ultimate in multimedia experience
  • Fast DDR memory architecture
    Optimized for ease of use, all-in-one functionality and stylish design
  • Everything you need in a notebook- fixed optical drive, hard drive and diskette drive
  • Complete set of ports including S-Video (TV-out), 2 USB connections and Integrated 10/100 Ethernet and 56K V.92 modem
  • Sleek 1.6-inch thin and 6.6lbs light all-in-one design

This notebook, meant for the SMB and Enterprise market, is definitely worth a very close look by prospective buyers, especially over those “never heard of’s” from the regional computer chain stores. And, if you not a small businessman, lie when you buy it. This is a good choice for a budget strapped student or web surfer not wanting a desktop.

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