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Series opener - May20, 2002

One of the constant refrains we hear from Mac users and devotees about their persistent obedience to Apple hardware and OS, is that it's life goes on . . . and on . . and on, more so than Wintel PC's do or can. Or so their claims go. Right up front I'm going to restate that I am a bi-platform computer user, Mac OS /Apple Hardware and Windows 98.x through XP/Wintel Hardware (of various brands, including homebrewed).

That said, I also admit as you may have noticed, that I have a very strong Mac leaning. In fact, if I was stranded in a really horrible place

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spacer (hopefully with Internet access) and a choice was given of only onecomputer, it would be a Mac and probably a PowerBook at that.

So, with the personal honesty disclaimer out of the way, I'm embarking on two projects, to as nearly as possible, research the claims of the Mac community, "Macs remain useful longer . . " hence a lower cost of operation or ownership. We've decided that the choice of which Macs to look at was the first tuff decision to make. There have been morebar
I use to be multi platform, but I've finally given up on OS2 Warp (loved it), BeOS (died) and Linux (just too frustrating and no major apps).
models over the last five years than you'd think; so going with two that were sold in the greatest volumes seemed most logical. One project will wrap around a desktop Mac, one of the "fruit colored" Rev B iMacs that made Apple a lot of money and helped Apple spread the good word of just how easy a Mac is to use. I'm presently negotiating for on a pristine "Blue Berry" running a G3 333 MHz processor. This project will start a little later in the sequence.


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