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Tech Edge e-zine is a new type of online publication and while we're going through our teething process we hope that you will enjoy and make as many suggestions as you'd like to help us serve you. We started all this in June 2001.

Our Mission Statement: There are online magazines that cover everything about computers, any computers and all computers. Some just focus on cameras or networking, or news and products or one particular platform. That makes it just a little bit hard for you to put the pieces together and make your "digital hub" work in good harmony. This is where Tech Edge e-zine aims to make you digital life a lot easier.

How you use, think about and put it all together, that's on our mind while we investigate, test, probe, analyze and beat up products and software, if necessary, . . . so you won't have to make a mistake with your hard earned wages.

We won't be politically correct, we won't mince words. If we don't like it, we'll say so, but if we love it, believe me you'll know about it. From computers to digital cameras, all variety of appropriate printers and networking accessories to all the odds and ends that will become crucial pieces 'n parts of the digital hub, we'll cover it and explain how to use it.

Our target is moving and because of that, we'll continue to evolve to hit it. So feel free to always tell us what you think and what you want. Tech Edge e-zine will be a better guide then for your exploration.

Tech Edge e-zine is part of the Tech Edge Publications Group -Denver, Colorado.

Editorial Staff:

Jack N Karcher Editor / Online Director
Chuck Brown Assoc. Editor / Reviews Manager
Keith Davis Senior News Editor / Writer
Zack Bryce Tech LabDir / Sr. Apple jokes teller
Angel Lee Pacific Rim Media Mgr. / Writer
Sam R. Clemens Staff Writer / How-To's
Mark Newmann Tech Lab Equip Destroyer / Writer





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The best way for us to grow and develop into the online source of the information you want and need, is for you to let us know with your comments.


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