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Just Released MacBook's ALREADY has a Problem Hot!!
May 23rd, 2007

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Apple's good old manufacturing quality control (lack of) is at it again with the always problem plagued low end MacBook line. This time in all of the just released (less than the last 15 days -May 2007) "updated" MacBook models with so-called "faster" Intel Core 2 Duo processors.

The point should be made here that Apple actually doesn't manufacture the MacBook, nor the MacBook Pro and none of any other Apple branded hardware either. Many doubt that Apple does any product engineering of any of it's products as well, leaving that to the outsourced factory contractors in Taiwan, Korea or Red China who will manufacture it. If you didn't know, this has been going on since Apple outsourced manufacturing of the Apple ][e to a Canadian "jobber" and then off to Asia from then on.

Now you may understand better why the long history of buggy and problem plagued Apple Macs and hardware.

As you may have read here and many other online news sites not on the Apple "dole", Apple is being sued once again for the current MacBook and MacBook Pro line, for falsely advertising the LCD quality and color depth in all models. Read more about the class action lawsuit here and here.

Lawsuits and US Government actions against Apple for it's flawed portable product lines are nothing new. The notoriously flawed and buggy iBook line had Apple forced to extend the warranty to three years because of a high percentage of failures that included LCD's, Mother Boards and AC/DC power circuit boards.

The latest Hot Bug topic is just now circulating the Mac enthusiast sites and was first reported on SilverMac on May 17th, 2007.






This fresh new bug on the fresh new MacBook apparently has already shown up in Apple's Knowledge Base. Here is what SliverMac reported:

"Apple’s Knowledge Base article hints a potential external display problem with the new MacBook's. Yes, these are the new MacBooks, released in May 2007."

MacBook (Mid 2007): Using an external display while in clamshell mode

Issue or symptom

If using a MacBook (Mid 2007) with an external display (such as an Apple Cinema Display), you may notice that if the menu bar is set to the external display, waking the computer from clamshell mode may temporarily prevent the internal display from displaying video.
Products affected
* MacBook (Mid 2007)


1. Press F7 on the MacBook keyboard to temporarily restore video on the internal display.
2. Save any unsaved data and restart the computer.

This document will be updated as more information becomes available.

Here's the link to the related Apple Knowledge Base article 305507

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