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Apple Tries To Stifle Vista With No Windows iTunes Fix
March. 7, 2007

You’d have to be either pretty stupid or more naïve than a 1st grader at a dentist sponsored free candy give-away, to not believe that Apple isn’t intentionally trying to effect PC Windows users switch to Vista from earlier versions like XP or Windows 2000 with this little intentional stunt.

For weeks Windows users have been clamoring Apple to fix the ever-buggy iTunes, because v.7 has never worked right with Vista even though Apple has had a year to work with Microsoft to assure it’s compatibility, like all the other Window developers.

Isn’t it very odd indeed that Apple is the only major software developer, with a competing OS platform mind you, that hasn’t seen fit to make a widely used “jukebox” application for the CLOSED platform iPod device that many Windows users own, to work at all with the new competing Windows OS that Apple lambastes with factually questionable TV ads?

In reports to the media (see the following story by Tony Smith for the Register - “Apple updates iTunes for AppleTV but not Vista”), Apple has made it clear that they aren’t supporting Windows Vista any time soon and PC users should stay with Windows XP.
It’s Elementary, Watson -
Is that just a coincidence with Apple’s switch it the Intel platform and their virulent competition for your desktop with Microsoft? If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it must be a duck, eh? It certainly wouldn’t put it past us and probably a few thinking people in tech media that aren’t paid off by Cupertino.

What completely baffles me is Microsoft’s seemingly stupefying ignorance to what appears is obvious to anyone else! This isn’t the Microsoft I grew up with, the big gorilla of the computer industry that wouldn’t have put up with this 10 or 15 years ago from anyone, let alone pip-squeak Apple Computer Company.

Everyone knows that Steve Jobs hates Bill Gates and MS, and that every opportunity Steve has he takes fact flawed swipes at MS, recent proof are the disingenuous Mac vs. PC ad campaign. Everyone also seems to have forgotten that Microsoft also bailed out Apple with $250M and a promise to continue MS Office for Mac a while back in August 1997, when Apple was near to folding the tent permanently. The cover of Time magazine said it all:

Bill, thank you. The world’s a better place.”

and here's the story from August 1997 - "STEVE'S JOB: RESTART APPLE"
Just a spoon of Cod Liver Oil -
What do I think MS should be doing? I think that it’s time for Bill Gates to spank the arrant little brat from Cupertino and put it in its place as the “hobby system” that it is. It’s time for MS to cut off Office for Mac permanently, lets see how far Apple gets in any businesses or at home with bland and ineffectual Apple iWork; or whatever




spacerApple is calling it’s hand-me-down once Claris Works. Also banish and enforce any attempt for iWorks from employing “save as” or importing any Office proprietary file format. Just like Apple locks out anyone from it’s closed and enforced iTunes / iPod architecture. Think that’s fair too?

The OS X Spinning Beach Ball of Death-
And it’s time for HP, Sony, Toshiba, Dell, Gateway, et al, to run ad campaigns that point out the virulent flaws, bugs and security risks inherent in buggy Mac OS X, Apple computers and iPods and various the Apple applications that the Apple pimp media likes to avoid reporting. Just make weekly visits to or any of the other dozens of other Apple product “self help” sites that daily report the hundred of consumer complaints and Apple bugs. It’s fun reading.

After four generations of Mac OS X, Apple STILL hasn’t fixed the number one past-time of all Mac users - sitting and watching for many minutes on end, the “Spinning Beach Ball of Death” Bug while lost OS X tries to figure out what it’s supposed to be doing. This not to mention the parade of frozen applications, remedied only with the Mac “Three Finger Salute” (Option – Command – Escape) and then restarting Finder. Yes, the PC vs. Mac ads are truly the pot calling the kettle black.

Wake up Mr. Gates!
Rise to action Microsoft!
Tell the real story PC makers!

Apple updates iTunes for AppleTV ...
but not Vista

6th March 2007, By Tony Smith

Apple has updated its iTunes jukebox software, but Windows Vista users hoping the new release provides the promised support for Microsoft's latest operating system will be disappointed: Apple is still listing the app as an XP-only affair.
iTunes 7.1 is available now for both Mac OS X and Windows. The new release primarily incorporates support for Apple's upcoming AppleTV set-top box, which pulls iTunes-organized content on a PC or Mac and displays it on a widescreen TV.

The update also allows the app's Cover Flow feature, which mimics flipping through an LP collection cover by cover, to go full screen. Apple's website didn't reveal much else about the update, but the software's system requirements continue to state "Windows XP with Service Pack 2... Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4", with no mention of Vista.

Apple admitted that while iTunes 7.1 address some of the previous release's Vista compatibility issues, the new version still isn't fully Vista friendly. Apple lists some minor problems - some text and graphics not rendering correctly, and Windows Address Book entries not syncing with connected ipods - but crucially the major issue of iPod data corruption has not been fixed in iTunes 7.1.

Apple said it was "actively working with Microsoft" to resolve these problems.

(yeah sure)

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