Roxio Toast Titanium 8 ® - the Full Review
March 1st, 2007 - By Keith Benicek, Editor

There are something’s that are an institution for the Mac platform no matter what the OS version, or what the hardware platform is based on. Think about Macs ten or twelve years ago and today, and long time users think of those mainstay and necessary applications - Photoshop, Word, Works and Toast. Of course, we also reminisce of those frequent lock up and fatal crashes, and now we still dread the endless spinning beach balls and lockups. Some things never change, do they?

Just as our early Mac app favorites have matured, so has the most crucial authoring application for Mac of all time has – Toast Titanium, now at version 8. There is just one catch, Toast 8 will require that you are running OS X 10.4 or above, PPC or MacIntel platforms. Toast 8 also requires a G4, G5 or Intel processor.

So superior has Toast Titanium been, that any pretender to the authoring or burning throne has been evicted from the scene. Even the powerhouse Ahead software, creators of Nero for Windows, had once diddled around with a European only OS 9 Nero“ Burning version (it was terrible, I have a copy) and a secret early OS X version, has apparently been scared off by the supremacy of Toast for Mac. Even Apple’s own built-in “Burn”, found in barebones form in some Apple applications, is as rudimentary as you could get.

This new Roxio Toast 8“ Titanium version is again a big step forward in the continued maturing of the only authoring app you’ll ever need on your Mac. In all the previous recent versions of Toast and Jam, the intuitive ease of use has been it’s strongest point for most Mac users. But it hasn’t always been that way. I remember a very early version of Toast for OS 8., while it was still under the Adaptec name, which was hell to use. I would revert to my Windows PC to use Adaptec’s Easy CD Creator rather than struggle with that version of Toast. Well, gladly things changed and the Roxio Toast team is the main reason.

A few years ago Roxio became part of the Sonic Solutions authoring software powerhouse, and the already great still gets better. Roxio under Sonic’s helm, has evolved the PC platform Easy Media Creator into the best Windows authoring suite, and so it appears has Toast taken a turn into a suite of creative components. It even bares some family resemblance the new PC Easy Media Creator Suite 9, although considerable short on the number of creative components that EMC 9 has. Will the future of Toast be as high powered as EMC? Time may tell.

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Roxio Easy Media Creator 9's suite home window.

Roxio's new Toast titanium 8 home window and they definetly bare a family resemblance.

An Overview –

Toast 8 has many authoring components, some tried and true, some newly integrated and some completely new to Mac users. So impressed were the masses at MWSF 2007, that it won "Best of Show".




spacerMain components in Toast 8 Titanium are:
All New
Blu-Ray Disc burning with Direct from Desktop.
Copy and Convert DVDs (Popcorn 2).
Disc Catalog, auto catalog and browse any disk.
File recovery for damaged discs.
Mac and PC data spanning.
Photo Disc, creates cross-platform slideshows.
Preview movies and extras before copying.
Director’s Cut custom copy compilations.
TiVoToGo™ transfers video to DVD, iPod or PSP
Integrated Roxio Jam™ tools w/ Dolby Digital.
Audio processing, normalization, track trimming.
Dynamic DJ-style cross-fades and transitions.

EyeTV burning to DVD, DivX or Blu-ray Disc.
Import/burn shows from set-top DVD recorders.
Video copy to iPod, PSP, mobile phone.
One-click copy of audio CDs and movie DVDs.
Motion Picture HD - movies from digital pictures.
Fit-to-DVD™ compress 9 GB onto a 5 GB Disk.
Vinyl LP and tape conversion to CD, DVD or iPod
50+ hour music DVDs with Dolby Digital sound.

Toast 8 has an all new menu structure that you'll love.

Meat n Potatos, our favorite features-
That’s quite a list and Roxio has indeed done quite a job refreshing Toast Titanium in version 8. With all the new and improved goodies in that list a few really stand out.

(audio) Track Trim is my favorite new feature in Toast 8

Spin Doctor walks you right through system setup

Want to record some audio? Toast 8 makes it simple

Our review panel crew loved that Toast 8 now included all the goodies of Jam as a component of the new Toast 8. The new audio processing, sound normalization and especially the track trimming is fantastic. Track trimming couldn’t be easier to use and normalization is a newbie’s dream come true. With these capabilities that you once had to buy Roxio’s Toast sister program Jam, you can create some excellent radio station song cross fade transitions and be the DJ you always dreamed of being.

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