Norton AntiVirus 10 for Mac by Symantec, the Perfection Continues
August 5th, 2005 written by Keith Benicek - Editor

You’re using a Mac running some recent version of Mac OS X and you are under the Mac media perpetuated myth that you’re perfectly safe. Publications like Macworld, MacAddict and the many online Mac blog-like pseudo magazines have carried on the Apple generated PR lie that you’re in a “safe” world from Viruses, Malware (Trojans, Worms, etc.), Spyware and other malicious entry to your system.

Also "so-called computing experts" on radio like Leo Laporte have blindly led Mac users into thinking "you don't need any Anti Virus".

Those "PC Viruses" are designed to be spread on Macs to PC's! So much for the dope talking heads on "tech radio"

Have we scared you enough? You should be and you should always be running “safety precautions” on any computer, even your Mac. Incidentally, if you don’t believe our Mac OS X scare tactic, tune in next month (October 15th) and read “So You Think Mac OS X is Safe? Don’t fool yourself”

There are more AntiVirus applications for Mac OS X than you might think. There is ClamXav, Sophos, Intego NetBarrier, McAfee (NA) Virex and the original Mac antivirus app., Norton AV for Mac. In this review we’re not going to compare, but we can tell you that once again Norton AV is our first choice for a lot of reasons.

Camp Denial, not a river in Egypt-

I tend to find that Mac-heads that I know are in one of three camps.
1 – They aren’t using any AntiVirus because they’ve bought the Apple media BS that they don’t need it; and that’s really stupid.
2 – They have a really old version of Virex or Norton AV which they've never bothered to update or can’t; equally as stupid, with a splash of delusion that it’ll still protect them.
3 – They buy or renew they’re subscription to Norton AV or Virex (perhaps as a .Mac users) every or every other year and run the Live Update every couple weeks. This is smart thinking.

As soon as Apple announced the early word of the latest version of OS X, 10.4 “Tiger”, Symantec set it’s engineers to work at developing a new version of Norton AntiVirus for Mac 10.4. Norton “AV” 10 for Mac OS X 10.4 was released within a couple months of the retail arrival of OS X Tiger. I think the slight delay interval is a good plan, as every new first release any major revision of OS X is always pretty buggy and takes a full month to forty five days for Apple to “fix” with patches.

Anyway, it’s a marked difference to McAfee, Apple’s official "dot mac" AV, who only just announced the impending release of their OS X Tiger compatible AV some five (5) months after Tiger hit the store shelves.

Norton AV 10 Setup Screen is easy to use (click image)




Very good gets better –
To a lot of computer users, the only important thing about an AntiVirus is that it just does it job and doesn’t interfere or slow the computer down. That’s probably true 80% of the time, just run seamlessly in the background and leave me alone.

But there are times that the user must interface with the AV application; do a full system scan, check a suspicious file or CD someone gave you. That’s where a very good “User Interface” comes in. Prior Norton AV for Mac have been good, very good and now the new Norton AV 10 for Mac is near perfection.

             Norton AV installation is a "no-brainer"

Every U I window from the first during installation, setup and configuration is geared towards easy understanding by anyone from newbie to pro. Who needs a manual? You won’t with NAV 10 for Mac. However a very well written Help function is built into NAV 10 should you have questions.

The new Home view shows all mounted drives and operational selections (click images to enlarge)

Incidentally, Norton advises that you uninstall any previous version of NAV for Mac older than version 9. Just to play it safe, we even uninstalled NAV 9 and we’d suggest that you consider to doing the same. It really can’t hurt and it’ll only take another 10 minutes to the overall process.

From the Norton AntiVirus 10 ReadMe folder:
• If you are running a version of Norton AntiVirus
  earlier than 9.0, you must uninstall it before
  installing Norton AntiVirus 10.0.
• You do not need to uninstall Norton AntiVirus
   9.0 or later before installing Norton AV v.

Just put it in auto –
Scheduling weekly Live Updates daily, weekly or monthly at a specified time is a breeze …. something painfully missing on all of Norton’s competitors. There’s even an “Alert Widget” that’s easily missed on the installation CD. Find it and install it because it’s auto updated every five minutes and will let you know about all vulnerabilities with the “Global Threat Assessment Dashboard” and displaying detailed information about any virus threat from Symantec's Security Response site. Information is also available about your NAV version, the last virus updates and whether Auto-Protect is active.

Virus "defs" are totally automatic and you can schedule how often they occur

“Smart Volume Scanning” eliminates redundant data media scans (drives, zips, USB Flash, etc.) you know are virus free and NAV 10 streamlines your virus defense by letting you scan from NAV added Mac OS X contextual menus. This was a stroke of brilliance in Norton’s NAV 10 design.

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