Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5 shows Sonic Influences - review
By Zack Bryce, Tech Lab Manager 05/01/05

When we reviewed the all-new Easy Media Creator 7 back in September of 2004, we were giddy with approval over the great changes that Roxio had made to the clear market leader in Windows CD “burning” and creation. I was pretty surprised when I heard in March that there was going to be a full “point” update again.

Roxio “EMC 7” was admittedly pretty damn complete, we thought. What could Roxio want to change? Well there was that complaint of slow component launching and we did suggest that there be a “floating application toolbar” left on the screen after you launched a component so you could still have fast access to another component. Maybe they took us up on that wonderful idea!

Then in late 2004 it was announced that Roxio president, who really was more interested in his Napster “toy”, wanted to sell off the whole software side of Roxio to Sonic, a powerhouse in Windows video applications. And so it happened, all the Windows and Mac (Toast and Jam) Roxio goodie became part of Sonic.

Well it doesn’t take a genius to figure that Sonic would want to make a couple statements after the merger of products. One would be the “merger” of some of the well-known Sonic apps into the extremely popular consumer Roxio killer apps – Easy Media Creator; also doing it quickly to show the synergy of the two houses can be productive now, not sometime tomorrow.

The other Sonic statement should be that Sonic / Roxio is still behind the Apple Mac OS platform with the worlds most popular burning / creative app Toast with Jam. We’re still waiting for that shoe to drop, and we ARE nervous about it because Sonic is NOT historically a Mac platform provider

Enough Crystal Ball reading, lets look at what’s new in Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5. It looks like there have been some moderate and some major changes to Roxio EMC 7.5 and the most prominent ones are Sonic’s MyDVD Slideshow 6, which is a limited version of the MyDVD authoring program and uses the same technology as Sonic’s AuthorScript® employed in the production of the majority of Hollywood DVDs. Sonic's rock solid CinePlayer also replace the original EMC 7 multimedia player module that some users complained about its reliability.

This is the "Home" base windows listing all component applications and recent projects. Click any image to enlarge.

Also new are BackUp MyPC Deluxe 6, an excellent Windows backup utility by Veritas and a new LP and TapeAssistant that streamlines




the process of converting your classic analog record or tape recordings to digital. And, one of our favorite new module toys is DivX-to-DVD Creator, which quickly converts your DivX video files into a VideoTS folder that you can then record to DVD using Disc Copier.

         Backup MyPC 6 Component windows

Other new EMC modules include:

  • Easy Audio Capture - capture to your hard drive.
  • Disc Image Loader - mount disc image as a virtual drive
  • DVDInfo Pro - validate and test drive performance.
  • LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling Technology Support - laser-etched CD labels
  • Media Center PC PVR Support - support for PVR file format.

"most amateur “prosumer” sound editors will find it very fulfilling in most applications."
barRoxio also made some needed improvements to existing modules. Sound Editor, the waveform editing component now provides much better audio editing with features like automatic silence detection for separating tracks and improved audio restoration features as decrackling, dehissing, declicking, and denoising; critical for converting those analog recordings like LPs to digital.

While Sound Editor is no Sound Forge yet, most amateur “prosumer” sound editors will find it very fulfilling in most applications.

We very much liked Disc Image Loader which can emulate as many as 23 drives simultaneously and supports .iso, c2d, .cif, and bin/cue image formats. This is something Mac users have enjoyed since the early versions of Mac OS X.

Definition is in the Details –
We’ve always been big supporters of BackUp MyPC and this new version Deluxe 6, is no less a good improvement and great addition to Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5. BackUp MyPC costs as much as $70 by itself on store shelves and to include it as a module is a stroke of genius by Roxio in the game of “one-upsmanship” with Ahead’s Nero.

The variety of backup options are superior and you can backup to virtually any media type.

BackUp MyPC is far easier to use than anything major cmpetitors have and it’s completely comprehensive. It’s addition makes the full retail price of EMC 7.5 worth it, twice over.

Sonic’s MyDVD is a superior product and another unquestionable great reason to buy
EMC 7.5. A lot of time was spent by Sonic in its user interface and you’ll find it easy to use right from the first moment you begin . It frankly puts a DVD creation tool into Windows users hands that’s as good as Apple’s iDVD.

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