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Tuesday, 02/15/05 by Chuck Brown, Assoc. Editor

Olympus Débuts 1GB xD Picture Card and USB Reader

XD-Picture Card comes of age to serious potential use for professional digital photographers as Olympus delivers the first One Gigabyte card.
Also used in digital voice recorders, the xD-Picture Card is one of the world's smallest storage media for digital cameras. Though it replaces the seriously fragile Smart Media Card, the xD-Picture Card was still handicapped by it relatively small capacity compared to CF (Compact Flash), SD/MMC (Secure Digital) and Memory Stick.

According to Olympus, the xD-Picture Card is now capable of holding an entire gigabyte of data, whether it’s digital images, video, music files, written documents, or presentations. Along with the xD-Picture Card announcement, Olympus also debuted the compact MAUSB-300 Reader/Writer, data can go anywhere and be directly transferred quickly to and from a personal computer for added convenience.

“With its small size and powerful memory card platform, the xD-Picture Card enables Olympus to develop feature-rich digital cameras that are consistently rated among the best in their class. The One Gigabyte xD-Picture Card is a tremendous benefit for photographers who wish to capture a greater number of images, at higher resolution settings.” said Chip Pryor, memory products business manager, Olympus Imaging America Inc. “Beyond photography, the functionality of all xD cards is increased when used with the MAUSB-300 Reader/Writer, as it can plug directly into a computer’s USB port to drag and drop files of any kind to or from the card.”

Smaller, carry more –
Going on a long vacation or a few day professional photo-shoot, it doesn’t take much to imagine that a smaller card with a big capacity means you can carry more with you. Rather than waste time deleting bad shots while you go, anyone would rather just shoot away with spontaneity and edit the bad shots back at home base.

Used with the 5.0-megapixel Olympus Stylus 500, the one gigabyte removable media can save up to approximately 800 High Quality (HQ) images – an incredible amount of image files. The new high-capacity card also supports Olympus exclusive features such as Panorama photography. Olympus xD-Picture Cards are the only media cards on the market that enable the Panorama function on Olympus digital cameras, whereby up to 10 images can be stitched together to create incredible vistas.




Innovative Memory Media
Using multi-level cell (MLC) technology, the Olympus One Gigabyte xD-Picture Card inaugurates the first of the Type-M series of xD media designed to reach up to 8 gigabytes in storage capacity. MLC technology doubles the amount of information that can be stored in a single memory cell, increasing storage capacity and cost effectiveness.

Compact and durable, the Olympus xD-Picture Card is the ultimate reusable digital media. The size of the card (20mm x 25mm x 1.7mm, a weight of only 2 grams) allows for digital manufacturers to design even smaller, more stylish and powerful digital devices today and in the future.

New Reader/Writer Design
Stylish and lightweight, durable and easy to use, the MAUSB-300 is an inexpensive must-have accessory to any xD-compatible camera. Simply insert an xD-Picture Card into the MAUSB-300 and you upgrade the card into a portable storage device capable of transferring images, audio, video and data to and from a computer.

The Olympus MAUSB-300 Portable xD-Picture Card USB Reader/Writer has an attractive, durable and sleek white plastic body with a removable clear plastic top cover to protect against shock, dust and static electricity. With an ergonomic palm-sized design (dimensions 2.5" x .75" x .38"), the MAUSB-300 is a lightweight (14 grams) travel-friendly companion that can also clip onto a key ring to provide the ultimate in unimpeded mobility, speed and convenience – no matter where you are. The Olympus MAUSB-300 xD Reader/Writer can plug directly into a USB port (ideal for laptops).

The Olympus 1 Gigabyte xD-Picture Card will be available in April 2005. The MAUSB-300 Portable xD-Picture Card USB Reader/Writer will be available in March, 2005.

U.S. Pricing –
MAUSB-300 Portable xD-Picture Card USB Reader/Writer Estimated Street Price: $19.99
The 1 Gigabyte xD-Picture Card Estimated Street Price is yet to be announced.


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