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Tuesday Aug 31,10:30 AM (Some Info From Reuters)

by Chuck Brown, Assoc Editor - News

Apple Debuts All New G5 iMac " All-In-One"
Apple Computer unveiled, after a two-month delay, its new G5 powered iMac desktop computer on Tuesday which integrates disk drives and processors into a smart looing flat LCDdisplay that's less than two inches thick.

        Apple Debuts New G4 iMac at Paris Expo

"Now we have the world's thinnest desktop computer," Phil Schiller, head of worldwide product marketing, said in a keynote presentation at the annual Apple Expo in Paris.

Schiller said that the new iMacs will be available in mid-September and the computer would be available in 1.6GHz and 1.8GHz G5 processor speeds, but all share a Front Side Bus (FSB) architecture and support for 400MHz DDR RAM. Two display versions are a 17-inch (1440 x 900) and a 20-inch TFT screen (1,680 x 1050), with wireless keyboard and mouse standard.

Video chores should be handled aptly by a Nvidia GeForce 5200 Ultra graphics with 64MB of VRAM. There are also a bounty of external connection ports on the back the new G5iMac; however it's surprising that there is no FireWire 800 port!  

Apple said in July the launch of the new iMac would be delayed until September. It put a dent in the share price of the company which has been at the forefront of computer innovation for decades, but whose global market share has been eroded to less than 5 percent amid competition from lower-priced PCs running on the Windows operating system from Microsoft.




Retail prices of the new iMac will start at $1,299 for the 17-inch model, or 1,399 euros in Europe. The slightly thicker 20-inch model will cost $1,899, or 2,049 euros.

"This is a much more affordable line (of personal computers)," Schiller told a cheering audience of Macintosh (news - web sites) users. He declined to give sales targets.
   Compact Design and it Tilts for View Angle

The model will take over from the current iMac, which created a buzz when launched a few years ago with its minimalist design featuring a thin display perched on a stainless steel pole above a white hemispherical base.

Software included are the new iMacs also include AppleWorks, Quicken 2004 for Mac, WorldBook Encyclopedia 2004 Edition, iLife '04 and the games Nanosaur 2 and MarbleBlast Gold.

iMac Needed a Makeover -
Sales of the iMac have slowed in recent quarters, but Apple's portable notebook computers have still been doing well.

"7.5 million iMacs have been sold over the last six years. It's time for an entirely new iMac," Schiller said.

Analysts agreed the iMac had been in need of a makeover. The new design would take less space on a desk and this would push existing Apple users to trade in their old iMac. But the new design would not be enough to convince Windows users to switch, they said.

The new model, designed by the same team that developed the iPod portable music player, works on G5 microprocessors.

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