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Maxtor 300GB OneTouch II External HDD

November 1, 2004 - by Keith Benicek & Tech Lab Staff

Hot on the heals of their already highly praised and successful OneTouch External Backup Hard Disk Drive, Maxtor has just released a more style refined and even better backup capable OneTouch II.

The OneTouch II is the latest in a very long line of great External HDD produced by market leader Maxtor for both Windows and Macintosh platforms. Maxtor has made these systems perfectly compatible for both platforms longer than anyone else. I still use a five year old Maxtor 160GB 3000XT FireWire/USB-2 drive on my G4 PowerMac sound editing system and them move the unit and sound files to my AMD64 based Windows Video Editing workstation.

Four years of excelent Mac and Windows External HDD's, last years OneTouch on the far right.

We tested the first of the original OneTouch (1?) devices and really liked its good looking rugged construction and versatile capability as either a backup or fast USB 2.0, or FireWire400, or Combo of the two, storage device. It came with a special version of the coveted Dantz Retrospect Express backup application. You could stack multiple units or Stand them on their sides in an included sturdy stand.

The Maxtor OneTouch (1) is even part of the combination package Network Attached Storage system with the Linksys Network Storage Link we’re testing in another story on Home and Business NAS units.
Like it’s sibling, OneTouch II has an all-metal main body shell, with a plastic back plate holding the power switch, AC power input, 2 FireWire400 ports and one USB 2.0 port. The front is dramatically different than the older OneTouch (1) model, it sports chromed perforated metal bordered by a formed gray plastic bezel that is like the front of the new G5 Power Mac tower. It looks great and will go great with a Mac or any new trendy PC’s.
 Front and back are clean and the fan keeps the drive cool




On the OneTouch II’s front, in an indentation in the grill, is the blue illuminated OneTouch button and also behind the grill is another blue LED to indicate HDD activity. Once you’ve installed the Mac or Windows Maxtor and Dantz Retrospect software on the enclosed CD, a simple push of that button will initiate a backup.

Out of the box, the Maxtor OneTouch II is pre-formatted in Windows NFS and ready to be used as is (300GB) for backups, or if your wise, multiple partitions for backups of more than one Windows computer or for backup and data storage on a separate partition. TIP – Name the partitions for the computer you’re backing up, if you’re doing multiple computers.
 Maxtor's OneTouch II Utility app identifies all your drives

If you are going to using the Maxtor OneTouch II with a Mac, you’ll have to initialize the drive after installing the Maxtor version of Dantz Retrospect Express. That first time you plug in the OneTouch II, it will not show up on the desktop, so Maxtor’s enclosed setup literature is very clear on how to initialize (format) the drive for Mac OS X or OS 9. Just like for Windows, we would suggest that you create more than one partition if your have two or three Macs to backup and maybe even a partition for data files; like music, pictures or video.

    OneTouch II also gives you full Security Control

Backing up is fun to do –
Dantz Retrospect and their Express versions, especially for the Mac world are highly respected and very expensive. It is to Maxtor’s credit that they have gone to the expense of including a Maxtor customized version of Retrospect Express with their OneTouch series.

In Dantz lingo, Duplicate apparently means Bootable Backup

Installation of both versions of Retrospect Express v. 6.0 will take you about 10 minutes on a 1Ghz Mac and 18 minutes on a 2Ghz Windows XP computer.

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