Review - Macally KeypointUSB Wireless Presentation, Multimedia & iTunes Remote
September 5th, 2004 by Keith Benicek

Are you a businessman or woman, perhaps a content or multimedia developer that often gives PowerPoint or other multimedia presentations?

Maybe you are a music and movie enthusiast, and you use your Mac with iTunes and iDVD or QuickTime as you entertainment center at home or at school in the college dorm?

Believe it or not, both rather different computer users face the very same dilemma in using their computers for these functions; how do you do it remotely and wirelessly from a decent distance?

While there are some quasi mouse solutions, some that we’ve just reviewed in our feature “Wireless I/O Solutions”, all are really for only PowerPoint type applications and are often even limited for that.

Originally the Macally KEYPOINT™ was to be reviewed in the “Wireless I/O Solutions” story, but we realized that it goes far beyond the duties of a mouse and it doesn’t even look like one. It’s really more akin to the remote control that you have at home for your Stereo or Media Center.

There appears to be nothing else like the Keypoint on the market, a great position for Macally to be in. Over the years, Macally has always seemed to be more innovative than any other Macintosh hardware company and Andy Chen of Macally / Mace Group, seems to have a great feel for what Mac owners want to use with their favorite hardware.

But Windows users shouldn’t feel left out because the Keypoint also works on PC’s as well. We also tested tihe Keypoint on both desktop and notebook computers running Windows XP with PowerPoint 2000, 2002 and 2003 (there’s nothing new about 2004). It worked flawlessly in everyway doing presentations and running Windows Media Player.




On a Macintosh you have your choice of using it with Microsoft Office X PowerPoint or with Apple’s very cool Keynote. In fact of all the presentation remotes we tested, the Macally Keypoint was the ONLY one that worked fully with Keynote. It is also the only one with a way to steer the cursor while you have the device in your hand and note on the desktop!

Here’s the best part if you’re an avid iTunes user, oh yes you can remotely control iTunes from the couch, floor or let your imagination go wild, dude. So now you can be the ultimate couch potato.
"There appears to be nothing else like the Keypoint on the market...."
Get control of yourself –
The Keypoint is actually two parts that snap together for storage or travel, but be careful because those plastic interlocking tabs do look breakable if you’re careless.

One part is the self-contained USB 1.1 connector and transmitter, which has the swiveling male USB plug to connect to the back or side of your desktop or notebook computer. A blue LED at the top lets you know that you’re communicating with the remote.

On the remote control part, which fits just perfectly in you hand, you have – the Laser pointer button, contextual menu button, a power button (controls your computer), a 4-way thumb joystick to control the cursor (like on a game pad), left and right mouse button, six standard music / video media control buttons (play, fwd, rwd, stop, etc) and up / down scroll buttons.

There really isn’t anything else you need to control your computer remotely. Those of you that are Playstation / X Box / Nintendo gamers will immediately feel at home with the thumb joystick /mouse. If you aren’t accustomed to “mousing” this way, it really isn’t hard to get used to.

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