Toast with Jam™ 6, users Review
May 26th, 2004

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      Cross-Fading songs is easily handled right from JAM

With support for Apple QuickTime movie and DV Footage, you can achieve “better-than frame accurate synchronization of audio and movie playback, even during selection and scrubbing.” Roxio notes that the same powerful editor is included with Apple’s $999 Final Cut Pro software.

Normalize one, selected or all song to be burned with JAM

Dolby® Digital – for creating DVDs with “Hollywood-style” Dolby Digital sound. Dolby Digital (AC3) 5.1 Surround is the favorite compression technology for Hollywood’s top studios; and while this is only the stereo version, it will help you fit over 2 hours of great video on single sided DVD disc without sacrificing video quality or audio fidelity.

When you select Dolby Digital over standard PCM for your video DVD or the new DVD Music Album creation, you will see a nearly 6:1 (estimate) compression of your audio files with negligible sound fidelity loss.

       Peak Express 4 is powerful and simple to use

DVD Music Album – imagine being able to create a music DVD with over 36 hours of music from your iTunes library, and play them on ordinary DVD players. Create On-screen menus that will help you to quickly navigate to that any song on your Music DVD, with track information and album artwork displayed on your TV while the music is playing.

Don’t be confused, you are NOT creating a “DVD-Audio” disc, which does require a special player. These are standard DVD’s which will play on any recently manufactured video DVD player.

We tried nearly a dozen manufactured within the last three years by Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Fisher, RCA, Sharp, Gateway and Samsung. None had a problem playing the Music DVD’s we made.




DVD Music Album and Dolby® Digital is actually part of a free upgrade to the Toast 6 Titanium application you get when you buy Jam 6, and unless you upgrade or buy the whole suite, you won’t have this new component! See the Roxio site for more information on this. The explaination and requirements are better defined there.

DVD Music Album is more than just a burning application, it allows you to "create" entertainment.

Here’s the latest News Flash. Roxio has recently announced (see our story here) that they are the first FIRST Company to develop a DVD Double Layer burning technology with DVD+R media for Mac user! This new capability will soon be available with Toast 6 and already on the PC only Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.

The Whole Music and Nothing but,
the Music -

Being an ex-band rocker and studio musician, I was particularly interested in playing around with, Peak Express4 and DVD Music Album. I have an enormous album collection dating back to the 30’s with 78’s and 33-1/3 record albums (does anyone remember LP albums?).

Some of my 40’s and 50’s Honky-tonk, Jazz and Blues albums are now one of kind rarities including extremely limited edition “Direct metal mastered” (direct to disk) LP’s by The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Chicago, Deep Purple, Queen and hundreds more. Many of these I wouldn’t want to play regularly, so ripping them to a superior quality Music DVD is an interesting proposition.

Many of my old Honky-tonk and Blues albums were not recorded very well in the first place; so cleaning up those recordings before burning would be a goal as well.

As a test, I ripped my entire The Beatles Deluxe Box Set of 14 original mint LPs (that’s 168 or so songs), the Rolling Stones “The London Years Box Set” of 58 songs, the Led Zeppelin 4 CD Set with 54 songs and put all these on one DVD. My AC/DC 22 mint album collection, Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Boxed Album set of 63 songs and I also added rips of my favorite tracks from my ancient LP’s by Robert Johnson, Howlin Wolf (Chester Burnett), Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy Williamson and John Lee Hooker and Chuck Berry favorites on a second DVD. OK, so my tastes are eclectic!

I easily got to 8 hours of recorded music using the Dolby® Digital compression selection, but if you use the standard PMC compression you’ll be lucky to get around 70 songs and 5 hours - 45 minutes of play time (by our test).


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