Toast with Jam 6, users Review
by Keith Benicek, obsessed music fanatic
May 26th, 2004

Very few Mac applications are as universally desired and necessary to the average owner as Roxio’s Toast is. You don’t have to be a fancy graphic designer, media mogul or even a Hip-Hop / Rock-n-Roll / Jazz / Country music producer to need Toast. All you have to be is a Mac owner with a CD burner, and you had to have is Toast to do any serious burning.

Last year when we reviewed the brand new release of Toast 6 Titanium (August 30th, 2003), New Roxio Toast™ 6 Titanium 1st Ever Review we were deservedly bubbling over this versions improvements and new capabilities. But, we wondered how long we Mac users would have to wait for a new version of Jam to go with Toast; much as version Toast 5 Titanium with Jam did. (See Review Toast 5 with Jam).

It has been a long ten months time to wait, but the wait has been well worth it because we have a new improved Toast with Jam 6. And while the Toast 6 part has only one major component changed, the integration of Jam with its new capabilities makes this duo the best “Production / Creation / Burner Suite” yet, on any platform. Windows only users will be green with envy!

If you recall (please take the opportunity to revisit our original Toast 6 review), there were many new features in Toast™ 6 Titanium that included Plug & Burn™, ToastAnywhere™, SVCD and DVD authoring, and Motion Pictures movies creator. A new CD Spin Doctor® 2 audio digitizing software and Deja Vu backup software was also a new part of the package. We especially loved ToastAnywhere and Motion Pictures as being our favourite new toys and Toast™ 6 Titanium was awarded our Editor’s Choice Award for 2003, the first publication to gave this type of award to Roxio for Toast 6 Titanium.

As wonderful as Toast™ 6 Titanium is a “burning suite”, it wasn’t the complete tool that someone who is creating imagery, content, video and music could completely feel met all their needs. You still had to spend some money on some very expensive applications or shareware to complete your needs and it still wasn’t integrated.




Enter Jam 6 -
Toast with Jam 6 adds four (4) crucial components that turns it into a powerful production / creation / burner suite:

Jam™ 6 – allows you to create DJ-style mixes and professional quality CD masters, and you can now burn directly from Jam without launching Toast 6 Titanium.

The “Universal Audio Converter” can add any QuickTime audio file to your disc, with native support of ultra high quality 192 kHz/64-bit audio files. (Compatible formats listed later in our System Requirement and Specifications section). There is also a more flexible crossfading than Jam 5 had, with individual fades in and out, and an improved fade interface.
". . . create 100% Redbook compatible “master” or demo discs that are ready for commercial replication."
With Jam 6 you’ll be able to adjust the gain of each track, auto-normalize, trim track data, insert and edit index points, enter PQ sub-code information, and print track sheets. What more could the budding home or pro music album creator ask for?

        Construct, cross-fade and normalize with JAM 6

Even nicer for the budding performing artist or amateur music producer, Jam is fully compatible with Apples GarageBand and of course iTunes. You will be able to create 100% Redbook compatible “master” or demo discs that are ready for commercial replication.

Peak™ Express 4 – is an easy to use powerful sound editor that will help you to clean up and enhance your audio files and video soundtracks. Using various DSP filters and included plug-ins, reducing noise and enhancing mono or stereo tracks is a breeze. Peak Express 4 supports standard audio (48 kHz/16-bit) without additional hardware requirements. Peak Express 4 launches from Jam 6.


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