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May 26, 2004 - News Department

Terra Soft Linux XSERVE G5 Now Supported

Loveland, Colorado -- 26 May 2004 -- Terra Soft Solutions, Inc., the leading developer of integrated PowerPC Linux solutions, has achieved preliminary Linux support for the Apple G5 Xserve and Cluster Node.

Using an in-house Y-HPC beta with the assistance of key PowerPC Linux community members, Terra Soft successfully enabled an Apple G5 Cluster Node with immediate support for SATA, USB, and FireWire. Fan control support is in progress ...

"The Apple G5 Xserve and Cluster Node are incredible machines, more powerful and of a higher quality design than anything Apple has produced to date. Our customers' enthusiasm is overwhelming as we are weekly receiving quote
requests for systems built upon this product line," states Kai Staats, CEO of Terra Soft Solutions.

At the core of Apple's G5 Xserve are IBM PowerPC 970 CPUs, capable of both native 32- and 64-bit operations. The Xserves offer dual 2GHz 970s with 512K L2 cache and 1GHz system bus per processor, DDR400 SDRAM with support for ECC, Serial ATA drives, dual on-board gig-e, and serial ports --all integrated through bi-directional 800MHz HyperTransport interconnects for 1.6GBps throughput.

Staats continues, "Terra Soft is about to enter a very exciting month, for June will bring both Yellow Dog Linux v4.0 and Y-HPC to market, each of which offers world-firsts in Linux support."

Yellow Dog Linux unfolds as the continuing evolution of Terra Soft's 32-bit OS for Apple USB-G3s, G4s, and G5s. Built from Fedora, v4.0 will ship with 8 CDs (4 Install, 4 Source). Included will be support for new USB, FireWire, and
PCMCIA devices including 54Mb Wi-Fi cards. Package updates include KDE 3.2,, RPM Package Manager 4.3, gcc 3.3, and kernel 2.6.6.




Yellow Dog Linux v4.0 is slated to be made available to Enhanced accounts by mid-June, available two weeks prior to the Terra Soft on-line Store; one month prior to release from the public FTP mirrors.

The current beta Y-HPC remains the world's only fully 64-bit OS for Apple G5s with support for 16GB RAM (8 GB currently tested) per thread, native 64-bit integers, and a complete gcc-based tool chain. Y-HPC will ship with 2 DVDs
(Install, Source) as a rolling, continually improved, date-stamped product.

Y-HPC will be available from the new Pro accounts, a fee-based upgrade from Enhanced and from the Terra Soft on-line Store. More information will be available at and

About Terra Soft Solutions, Inc.
Terra Soft is a leading developer of integrated solutions for PowerPC, an Apple Authorized Proprietary Solutions Provider, and an Integrator-VAR for IBM and Momentum Computer. Yellow Dog Linux has boosted viability of Linux on
PowerPC microprocessors with support for desktop, embedded, and HPC systems.
Terra Soft was recently awarded a contract to develop an IBM 970 Evaluation Board Support Package.

For more information, visit

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