Our Annual 12 Suggested Xmas Techie Toy Gifts for the last minute shopper.
December 17, 2003, by Angel Lee and the Tech Lab Staff

It's down to the wire and you just don't know what to get for the special person that happens to be a devout "Techie". 2003 has been a banner year for the recovery of the technology sector and they have treated us with lots of hard to choose goodies. But which ones?

Whether it is for your wife, husband, children or parents; maybe your best friend or loved one, I'm sure that you'll find some great suggestions in our Annual 12 Toys of Xmas for Techies. So lets just jump right into Santa's bag of goodies to see what we picked!

First Toy of Xmas

Tungsten™ T3
Powerful and compact, the Tungsten™ T3 handheld boasts Palm's breakthrough Stretch Display with 50% more viewing area than other Palm™ handheld's.

Instantly rotate the display from portrait to landscape. Features also include an ultra-fast 400MHz Intel® XScale™ processor, 64MB of memory, built-in Bluetooth, and more. We'll take a Palm over the fluky and clumsy Pocket PC's any day. Price: $338.63 online

Second Toy of Xmas
DiamondMax Plus 9
The 7200 RPM DiamondMax® Plus 9 hard drive is your solution for performance PCs with data- intensive applications such as network attached storage, home networking devices, audio, video and other multimedia applications.

Maxtor Drives are the choice of gamers and custom builders in the US.

DiamondMax Plus 9 offers performance leadership design with a 2MB or 8MB buffer, ATA/133 or SATA interface and capacities of 60, 80, 120, 160 and 200GB.

Price: US$ next week will be cheaper than we could quote this week. Shop on-line!

Third Toy of Xmas
Game Boy Advance SP
The gaming platform with the most titles has excellent entertainment center features. Great for on the go diversions and keeping the kid from killing each other in the back car seat.
Price: $99.95

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 Fourth Toy(s) of Xmas
The iPod started it, but now Apple has some serious competition for the Windows users, who out number Macs by 97%. Apple has to be worried, we're glad for the new choices.

Apple has a new iPod v3 20GB and 40GB. Smaller than ever (just .62 inches thick), 5.6 oz. Price: $399, and $499 respectively
iRiver MP3 Jukebox - iHP-120
Could this be the MP3 jukebox you've been waiting for? Listen to hour after hour of your favorite MP3, WMA, ASF or OGG files tucked away on the unit's 20GB hard drive.
Price: $369.99 – 399.95
Philips 15GB HDD100 Audio Jukebox You are your own DJ of this exclusive audio jukebox – the world’s smallest recording audio jukebox. Only 6oz and thinner than the new iPod v3. $269.

Fifth Toy of Xmas
ViewSonic N1700W 17" LCD TV

You get it all with the ViewSonic N1700w. A superior 17" LCD computer display and an ultra-thin TV. An external TV tuner adapter connects to the display and includes inputs for component, composite, RCA audio, mini-jack audio, and RF tuner. Price: $732.99

Sixth Toy of Xmas

Gateway AR-230 DVD Recorder/Player
Finally! It's never been easier to record, play and store multi-media content on DVD –
no need to buy separate components. The Gateway™ AR-230 DVD Recorder has it all in one package. Recording TV shows is just one click away with the easy-to-use AR-230. Featuring high-quality recording of up to 6 hours (on a 4.7GB DVD/RW disk)
Price: $299.99 (after rebate)

Seventh Toy(s) of Xmas
We had a real hard time choosing a digital camera to recommend, so we picked two in different price ranges. See our full review feature article up this month here.

If you thought you could only get true-to-life resolution, definitive control and stunning output from an SLR camera, check out Sony's new DSC-V1 Cyber-shot®    $599.95
Gateway DC-T50 Sleek. Elegant. Capable. The new 5 mega pixel DC-T50 digital camera is compact and stylish enough to carry with you everywhere. Packed with big camera features Price $299.w/rebate

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