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by Keith Benicek, Editor

Asante offers new SoHo desktop Gigabit Network Workgroup Switch
October 23rd, 2003

Asante Technologies Inc., a long time friend of Mac and PC users, has released a new desktop Gigabit Switch for home and SoHo (small office/home office) applications. The 8-port GX5-800P is the newest addition to the FriendlyNET GX5 family of Gigabit Ethernet workgroup switches.

Now with the three year Apple support of Gigabit Ethernet, starting with the G4 PowerMac “Mystic” model, and the increasing number of Windows and Linux PC’s showing up with Gigabit Ethernet, this hardware addition to home or small business LAN’s makes a lot of sense. Think of it, that is a TEN (10) times increase in data transmission!

While you won’t appreciate much difference in just moving a few Word or Excel files across your network from one computer to another, you will see a need for this technology as sharing or even streaming audio (music) and video (TV and Movies) in your home or office is more common place.

“The small GX5-800P transfers data across the network at speeds up to 1 Gbps (or 2 Gbps in full duplex mode) to quickly move streaming media and large files, such as DVD-sized contents, in a few minutes”, said Karen Richardson, Marcom Manager for Asante, in the GX5-800P press release.

"This switch really brings Gigabit networking to small or home-based businesses, such as those involved in digital graphics, publishing, or scientific activities," said Wilson Wong, Chairman, President, and CEO of Asante. "Engineers designed the GX5-800P for businesses needing a small, quiet, reliable network switch. Our new switch strengthens Asante's commitment to bring affordable Gigabit Ethernet down to the desktop level."





No one wants a big ugly piece of networking hardware in plain sight at home, so the Asante GX5-800P switch has a soft look with neutral colors in a very compact enclosure.

Suitable for Macintosh, Windows or Linux PC’s, or a cross-platform mix of systems in your home or small office network. The FriendlyNET GX5-800P is simple for most computer users to install and setup.

Engineered to fit a tight budget
The handy GX5-800P switch is also ideal for both ad hoc networks and for extending Gigabit Ethernet to several desktops around the workspace. A single integrated switch engine automatically filters and forwards traffic at wire speed for all 8 ports simultaneously. Along with the switching power module, the GX5-800P is small enough to set up in very tight spaces. Key features include:

* 8 PORTS OF 10/100/1000BaseT
* Quiet, convection-cooled for silent operation
* External switching power supply runs cooler and uses less power
* Compatible with any Windows or Mac machine with a 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet port
* Auto-Uplink uses both straight and crossover cables-automatically

Pricing and Availability
Asante resellers and systems integrators are offering this new product now -
GX5-800P is an 8-port 10/100/1000BaseT switch. ( Part #99-00789-01) and has a suggested retail price of US$199.

For a list of Asante resellers or additional information, visit or
call 408-435-8401

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