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by Chuck Brown, Assoc. Editor

Palm unveils three new handhelds, a Tungsten E for $199
Oct. 1st, 2003

Palm announced today three new additions to its Palm handheld lineup. The Palm Zire 21 handheld, which costs $99, features 8MB of RAM, 160x160 gray-scale screen, and a 126MHz Texas Instruments processor. The $199 Tungsten E handheld features a 320x320 color TFT screen, 32MB of RAM, and an integrated MP3 player.

At the top of the line-up is a new Tungsten T3, costs $399 and features a 320x480 color TFT screen, 400MHz Intel XScale processor, integrated Bluetooth, and 64MB of RAM.
Powerful and compact, the Tungsten™ T3 handheld boasts Palm's breakthrough Stretch Display with 50% more viewing area than other Palm™ handhelds. Instantly rotate the display from portrait to landscape. Features also include an ultra-fast 400MHz Intel® XScale™ processor, 64MB* of memory, built-in Bluetooth, and more. Here are some of the specific features:

Palm™ Tungsten™ T3 Handheld

  • 320x480 Stretch Display rotates from portrait to landscape
  • 400MHz Intel® Xscale™ processor
  • 64MB1 memory
  • MP32 and video3 playback, photo software
  • Create and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint4 compatible files.
  • New, improved organization features
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Built-in voice recorder
  • Palm™ Universal Connector
  • 5-Way Navigator
  • Slider Design
  • $399 USD




Palm™ Tungsten™ E
Sleek, powerful and affordably priced, the Palm™ Tungsten™ E handheld lets you create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint2-compatible files and view them on a high-resolution color screen, even take your MP3s, video clips and photos with you.
The Tungsten™ E comes packed with business-savvy features to keep you on top of your game: a sharp high-resolution color screen, 32MB of memory, a fast ARM processor, the ability to create Word, Excel and PowerPoint compatible files, and more, at an affordable price.

Outstanding color.
The Tungsten™ E handheld's easy-to-read, high resolution, 320x320 transflective color screen displays all your key information-- spreadsheets, presentations, photos, videos and more--with ultra-sharp clarity and in vibrant color.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook compatibility.
Create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint*-compatible files. Synchronize with Outlook's* calendar, contacts, tasks, notes and email right out of the box. *PowerPoint and Outlook compatibility Windows only.

Palm™ Tungsten™ E Handheld

  • High resolution 320x320 transflective color screen TFT
  • 32MB1 of memory
  • Fast ARM processor
  • MP33 and video4 playback, photo software
  • New, improved PIM features
  • 5-Way Navigator
  • Create and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint2 compatible files
  • Synchronize with Outlook2
  • Email - VersaMail 2.6
  • $199 USD

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