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D-Link Unveils 1st UPnP Home Network Storage, DSM-602H Central Home Drive.
Sept 30, 2003 by Keith Benicek, Editor

If you’re in the S/MB or Enterprise Business world, you know this device’s name as a NAS (Network Attached Storage), a nearly nondescript term for a processor controlled Hard Disk Drive storage device that is part of your company LAN. It is usually housed in a somewhat unattractive “rack mount” chassis cuddling up with the companies many racks of network routers, hubs and switches.
At the Intel Developer Forum in San Jose California last month, D-Link brought business network sophistication to your cozy home or small business. Fortunately for those of us that want this level of network capability, D-Link has shrunken the NAS into a small attractive enclosure that will blend with your other D-Link broadband and WiFi Router or Hub/Switches.

The D-Link DSM-602H is powered by the Intel® XScale® Technology-based Network
Processor and contains a single 20GB 2.5-inch (notebook) Hard Disk Drive. While we would suspect that larger HDD versions might eventually arrive, this 20GB size is ample for any home users MP3, Video and shared files storage needs. Same goes for the shared file needs of a small business like a Doctors, Real Estate or even a small retail shop. And, this Universal Plug-n-Play device is full computer platform independent for all the Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. users.

We’re looking forward to doing a full review of the D-Link DSM-602H and including it in our Hardware segment of the Ultimate Guide: Networking PC and Macs series.

Here’s more excerpt information from the D-Link Press Release:




Intel Developer Forum, San Jose, CA, September 16, 2003 - D-Link today announced it is working with Intel to develop the new D-Link Storage Media Central Home Drive (DSM-602H) featuring the Intel IXP420 network processor based on Intel® XScale® technology. At the heart of the digital home, the D-Link DSM-602H delivers the industry's first Universal Plug-n-Play (UPnP) network attached storage device that is designed specifically for the home user. With an easy to use graphic user interface, the D-Link home centralized drive integrates a robust 20GB embedded slim hard drive for consumers to share and store information, play music, and archive digital photography.

The UPnP interface on the D-Link Storage Media Central Home Drive provides a true consumer out-of-the-box solution that is immediately available to the user by introducing a folder that can be simply accessed by double clicking the mouse. The D-Link DSM-602H features cross-platform support for Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP, Apple Mac OS and Linux operating systems. The high-speed 5400rpm hard drive delivers quick access to MP3s, digital images and other content from the network. The 20 Gigabit drive can handle approximately 250 CDs of audio content or 20,000 jpeg images. "The highly integrated Intel IXP420 network processor provided the architecture and LAN/WAN capabilities that D-Link required for the latest home networking product," said Doug Davis, general manager, Intel Network Processor Division.

"The digital home can really benefit from centralized seamless storage in the home for sharing of large multimedia files, and the D-Link Central Home Drive delivers that in one easy to install device," said Steven Joe, President of D-Link. "With Intel's high-performance XScale microarchitecture application processor, we are able to develop a powerful, seamless and affordable device that can be the cornerstone for storing digital content in the home."

Price and Availability
The D-Link DSM-602H Storage Media Central Home Drive will be available in mid October through authorized retail, reseller and distribution partners at a Manufacturer's Suggested Price MSRP of US$249.99. The D-Link DSM-602H comes with a One Year Warranty and absolutely FREE 24/7 Technical Support including firmware updates.

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