New Roxio Toast™ 6 Titanium
The Very First Full Review

by the Tech-edge E-zine Tech Lab staff, August. 30th 2003
written by Keith Benicek, Editor

There are those special occasions like birthdays, Christmas and High School graduation, that bring you a“giddy as school boys” feeling. There is one other time, if you’re a long time Mac user, that always makes you feel that same way and that is when there's a new release of Toast CD burning application.

Mac users, being mainly content, graphics and multimedia developers, have always needed a first class application for writing (burning) CD-ROM and DVD ROM discs; and for a decade now have made the various versions of Toast their number one Disk Burning application. Roxio Toast (once under the Adaptec name)

When our evaluation copy of Toast™ 6 Titanium arrived, the office was “a buzz” and our Mac staff members nearly fought over trying it first. Even a few of our Windoze users got into it as well, commenting that if Mac people were so excited, there must be a damn good reason. A flip of my favorite lucky coin settled the issue; I won (hey, I am the Editor).

No one was disappointed as we all huddled around the G4 1.25GHz Dual Processor PowerMac and explored Toast™ 6 Titanium. My office was filled with Ooo’s and Ahhhh’s. We must have burned 20 CD’s and a few DVD’s within the first couple hours. The Windoze users, even the Easy CD Creator 6 users were very envious.




A kitchen full of new Toaster 6 goodies –
If you’ve been using Toast™ 5 Titanium, which was carbonized for full OS X (10.0 – 10.1.x) and essentially the much looked for marriage of Toast and Jam into one package, you already know the passion for Roxio Toast. I was truly a flawless burning application and I for one couldn’t imagine how Roxio could make it better. But, Roxio has indeed pulled a double “hat-trick” with Toast™ 6 Titanium.

Besides the already familiar baseline application features of Data or Audio Burning, CD Copy (Cloning) and DVD/VCD Creation, there are some major new features as Roxio describes it best:

Plug & Burn™
Effortlessly turn your DV camcorder footage into a Video CD, Super Video CD, or DVD. Plug in your camera and a weekend’s worth of video becomes a finished disc, automatically.

Share CD or DVD burners across a network or the Internet with other Toast 6 Titanium users. A single burner can now serve an entire home or office.

Motion Pictures
Turn your still photos into stunning media shows complete with Hollywood-style pan and zoom motion effects, cross fades, and soundtracks. Create an exciting cinematic experience with ease.

Deja Vu
Back-up, protect, and secure your precious data. Schedule regular automatic back ups, so you have the piece of mind that your files and folders are safe.

Toast It™
Save time and burn directly from the desktop with a single-click pop-up menu. Now Toast is available immediately, whenever you need it.

We’ll cover move about these features as we walk though the whole of Toast™ 6 Titanium application package.


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