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Gateway expands into Digital Cameras, and prices are a pretty picture.
August 28th, 2003

Gateway has been moving more and more into the "CE" (consumer electronics) market, to bolster their slumping income from a very tight computer market that all the manufacturers have been feeling.You have no doubt been seeing the TV commercials for Gateways immensely successful wall mount large 42-inch plasma TV and two new table top flat panels to celebrate their founding anniversary.

Rumors of a line of high-end, but value priced digital cameras, have been running thick in the last couple months. Gateway announced today two of four new Digital Cameras, one of which has 5.25-megapixels in a "deck-of-cards" sized attractive package, for only $299 US.
  The new DC-T50 sports 5.25 megapixels in a pocket size

We're looking forward to a promised full review of the new DC-T50 and DC-T20 in our up coming Fall - Digital Camera "Round Up 'n Shoot Out Corral". Check back in October for all the dern facts.

Press Release -
POWAY, Calif., Aug. 28, 2003 – Gateway’s direct model again makes the customer the winner with the company’s first line of Gateway-branded digital cameras, which are priced up to 40 percent less than other 4- and 5-megapixel cameras.




Gateway is entering the fast-growing digital camera market with the same break-through pricing that made its 42-inch plasma TV the best seller in its category.(1) The new offerings advance the company’s goal of launching 50 new Gateway™-branded products in 15 categories this year and mark another milestone toward Gateway’s evolution into a branded integrator – a marketer of digital gear that works together.

The new digital cameras include two sleek, compact models that are ideal to keep in a pocket or purse so consumers are always ready to capture memories. Priced at only $129.99,(2) the Gateway DC-T20 delivers 2-megapixel image quality in an ultra-compact form factor that is just slightly thicker than a deck of cards. The DC-T50 combines performance in a stylish compact design, delivering 5-megapixel, film quality prints at a price of $399.99. (2)

Gateway is also offering two standard-size models that provide superior 4-and 5- megapixel image quality at prices of $199.99(2) and $299.99(2). Because of their generous configurations, the cameras produce stunning film quality prints and large images up to 11 by 14 inches with the 5-megapixel offering and up to 8 by 10 inches with the 4-megapixel camera. Both products are perfect for photographers who desire robust performance and advanced features at a great value.

“Gateway’s rapidly expanding portfolio of competitively priced digital electronics is starting to speed consumer adoption – Gateway is putting cutting-edge technology in more people’s hands,” said Matt Milne, Gateway’s vice president and general manager of digital solutions. “These digital cameras reach a new pinnacle – they deliver incredible performance, image quality and features at prices that will allow more people to embrace the benefits of digital photography.”

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