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by Chuck Brown

Gateway HALTS own 100X Pocket PC
August 12, 2003

"We've missed our launch window," a company spokesperson said.

This was the advisory that members of the tech media received this morning. Gateway had great hopes to further differentiate it self, along with Dell, HP and others, from the pure PC vendor image.

"Gateway is indefinitely delaying the release of its 100x professional PDA. The delay is primarily due to missing a rather limited launch window. As the company continues to transform itself from a PC vendor to a Branded Integrator, Gateway's mobile products team is refocusing its efforts and resources in other core areas." was the email received this morning from our Gateway media person.

Gateway had already delayed the release of the device until mid-August for further testing, which was originally slated for a mid-July debut.

Gateway had already been selling handhelds from Palm, Sony, Toshiba and ViewSonic. They said that they will continue to offer several models manufactured by those companies.

Like Dell, Gateway felt that offering their own Pocket PC would help to raise their perception level equal to the others that are not making any money on the already bloated P-PC market. Palm and their paltform cousins made by others like Sony, still "Own" the PDA market with the problem prone Pocket PC's gaining little ground.

But, because the further product lauch delays would have pushed the 100X Pocket PC past the last mid-August launch date. This would seriously hamper the 100X Pocket PC's prospects for the 2003 holiday season, Gateway decided to put the device on indefinite hold.




                   - Original Story -

Gateway launches it's own 100X Pocket PC
June 24th, 2003

Coming around late July, Gateway has announced it's own entry into the PDA market with the 100X Pocket PC.

Powered by the Intel 400MHz XScale processor, the 100X will run the MS Pocket PC 2003 operating system, called Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC. It also will feature both CompactFlash and Secure Digital slots for device expansion and more storage..

From the preliminary info we saw, the Gateway 100X does not appear to have embedded 802.11b or Bluetooth connectivity. The CF slot will come in handy for that addition if you need it

Other brief specifications include:

  • 3.5" Color Screen (Reflective or Transreflective)
  • 64MB RAM /32MB ROM (Flash)
  • CompactFlash & Secure Digital Slots
  • Dimensions: 5.11" x 3.07" x 0.71"
  • Weight: 6.52oz
  • 1250mAh Removable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • List price between US$300. - $350.

This PDA is another consumer device in their new catalog of devices not strickly a computer and one that will hopefully aid Gateway in their search for a strong market comeback and profitability.

You've probably seen TV commercials for their already successful Plasma Panel TV launch. Gateway has plans for 50 new products in the next year.

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