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FlipAlbum 5 and Mac FlipAlbum 3
by Sam Clemens
May 6th, 2003

There are so many customization features in both versions; we wouldn’t have the space to list them all here. You can change the album covers color or texture, select a choice of page layouts or how the photos are viewed, annotate each photo page, select any font on your computer to use in the album, even use Slide Show Effects for the page transition. Least to say that you will have a lot of fun personalizing each album you create.

FlipAlbum makes Thumbnail and Contents pages for you

Not many people take perfect pictures, so there are simple to use editing tools built-in to fix minor boo-boos like flash red-eye. Or, cropping the photo to remove your cranky mother-in-law from your last birthday party pics.

Yeah, the pages actually do flip, manually or automatically

If the splendidly executed page flip animation isn’t enough to impress you, how about adding your own choice of an MP3 playlist as mood music. I really liked this feature, but it took some work to master its implementation.




Show off you stuff
Both versions of FlipAlbum give you a number of creative ways to show off you favorite pictures or personal work. You can select to export you album to CD, VCD or DVD formats for players that support those formats. Not everyone owns a PC, so friends, family or clients with VCD/DVD players can enjoy your creations. You can also limit the access to your CD/DVD creations and prohibitive “print lock” with a unique password feature.

You can also select to send your album via an upload with built-in FTP to either the E-Books supported or Yahoo’s You could also FTP the album to your own personal web page.

FlipAlbum 5 for PC comes in Standard, Suite and Professional versions; the Mac version only comes in one version that is the equivalent to the PC Suite 5.


The Bottom Line
FlipAlbum Suite 5 is a very mature applications with some great features not found on any other application of its type, it is expensive and that is relatively subjective. It is a very easy application to use on the sometimes-confusing Windows platform. It is highly recommended for your purchase consideration, but have fast PC of at least 1.2GHz and at least 256MB’s of RAM.

Mac FlipAlbum 3 is not yet as mature and may have a few bugs to work out, it does need a very fast Mac to run to our satisfaction. We’re not sure about the few crashes we had; our Macs are reloaded frequently with fresh clean OS X 10.2 installs from mirror images. Mac FlipAlbum 3 is not a competitor for iPhoto, they are different cats and in many ways Mac FlipAlbum 3 is better, especially for casual fun users. It is recommended also, with a few reservations for your purchase consideration.

FlipAlbum 5 Suite is $59.95 and
Mac FlipAlbum 3 is $39.95 (nice price!)

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