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Dell and Target dumps Apple iPod
April 9, 2003

If you have visited the Dell "Radio" online store in recent weeks, you have noticed that Dell was selling PC version iPods at a pretty good discount. In fact, shopper sites such as has announced these enticing discounts almost weekly for better than a month.

You may have also noticed that just this last week, Dell hasn't had ANY iPod listed as available on their store. This news has apparently gone completely over "Clueless" MacCentral when they announced this news today!

Dell has officially announced that they had discontinued the sale of the Apple iPod and the reason is because Apple has submitted a new "resellers agreement" that Dell, and other retailers find unacceptable. The old agreement had a expiration date of March 31st 2003, and Dell has turned off all the iPod SKU's on the Dell site, said a Dell spokesmen we spoke to.




Dell had been surprisingly recruited as an iPod (PC Windows version only) on October of 2002. The extremely popular Target stores had also been announced as a reseller at that time.

But apparently Target is also uncomfortable with Apple's new aggressive reseller agreement posturing, as Target started clearing out their iPod inventory at neighborhood stores around the country. This also escaping MacCentral's diligent news reporting today.

On April 7th reported: "Apple iPod 10GB as low as $280 at Target retail stores Apr 7, 2003 Several readers report that Target retail stores are clearing out stock on Apple's 10GB iPod for Mac. Reported prices range from $279.88 to $339.99. This offer is not available online."

We found that none of the Target stores in our vicinity had any iPods in stock.Target store department managers reported that they believe the iPod would not be re inventoried either.

Is this a rerun of the Apple - Circuit City debacle all over again?

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