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ADS Tech Launches Instant DVD 2.0 and Instant DVD+DV devices.
NAB Show Booth #SL2262, LAS VEGAS
April 2, 2003 1:00 AM PT

ADS Tech (, today announced the launch of two new real-time DVD video capture devices, instant DVD 2.0 and instant DVD-DV. Now users can quickly and easily record and archive their home movies in full resolution, DVD-quality video, then burn them to DVD or CD discs and share them with family and friends. With the movie stored digitally on the PC, families can easily archive or make duplicates to ensure the longevity of their video memories. Instant DVD 2.0 and instant DVD+DV will ship in late April with estimated street prices (ESP) of $179 and $269, respectively.

Instant DVD 2.0 and Instant DVD+DV
(Easily convert & preserve family VHS tapes onto CD or DVD)
The successors to the ever-popular USB Instant DVD, these newest models take advantage of the latest USB 2.0 and FireWire connectivity for even more powerful yet simple video capture and conversion. Instant DVD 2.0 and Instant DVD+DV offer the fastest and simplest way to get movies from video tape to CD or DVD disk. Both models provide simple-to-follow steps to get started capturing and publishing video – even allowing users to capture straight to disk in one simple step. In addition, the products include video editing and DVD authoring bools that let users unleash their creative talents with professional video editing and special effects.

Instant DVD+DV takes things a step further by offering direct DV to MPEG 2 conversion (skipping analog altogether) for the highest video quality possible. Simply take the DV camera’s ForeWire connection directly to the instant DVD+DV box and capture in full digital quality. For added convenience, this model also allows for full device control of the camcorder from your computer – making video production smooth and seamless.




Both models utilize the latest in temporal and spatial video conversion and filtering technology to remove noise from old VHS tapes to produce the high-quality video. Instant DVD 2.0 and instant DVD+DV also offer exclusive “Audio-Lock” technology to provide perfect lip synch through the entire capture, edit and disk burning process.

Both devices supports MPEG 1 Layer 2, capture from any analog video source in MPEG-a or MPEG-s video formats (including VCD, SVCD and DVD formats), capture of DVD (MPEG-2) at video bit rates from 2 Mbps/sec. Up to 15 Mbps/sec. (up to 4 Mbps/sec. For USB 1.1 connections) and features a nine-bit video digitizer with 2x over-sampling and four line comb filters.

For flexibility, video may also be edited and exported back to a VCR for recording onto tape (ideal for sharing with relatives who do not own a computer). Bundled software includes:
Capture Wizard 3.0 – quick and easy-to-use capture and playback software
Video Studio 7 SE – robust, full featured video capture an editing software
DVD Movie Factory SE – produce professional quality DVD’s to play in home players

Instant DVD 2.0 and instant DVD+DV will begin shipping in late April and will be available at an ESP of $179 and $269, respectively.

HDTV UpConverter (convert standard interlaced video into cinema-quality HDTV). Originally debuted at the international CES show in Las Vegas in January, the HDTV UpConverter will begin shipping in May and will be available for an ESP of $599.

The UpConverter is ideal for video enthusiasts who have invested in the cost of an HDTV-capable (also called HDTV “ready”) television but who are limited to the standard broadcast quality content still used by most stations and cable companies. HDTV UpConverter converts standard interlaced video (480I or 480p) and standard definition television signals into HDTV, progressive-scan resolutions of 480p, 720p or 1080I to provide users with cinema-quality video for an exhilarating home-theatre experience. In addition, with this device users can experience high-definition video from legacy, interlaced video equipment – VCRs, cable TV boxes, DVD players, satellite receivers and video game devices.

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